The Nightingale and The Rose – Shadow Opera Group

The Nightingale and The Rose

An excerpt from Scene 3 of The Nightingale and The Rose with Counter tenor Tom Bates (The Yellow Rose Tree) and Soprano Rhiannon Llewellyn (The Nightingale).


The Gate Cardiff, Summer 2010

Further performances:

Gloucester Cathedral (Spring 2011)

The Gate (Cardiff, Summer 2011)

The Richard Burton Theatre (Cardiff, 2011)


Composer/conductor: Tom Floyd

Librettist: David Spittle

Director: Deborah Cohen

Designer: Vicki Male




Scene 3 – The Nightingale’s search continues and eventually she finds a rose bush, but it only grows white roses. The White Rose laments its colourless roses, The Nightingale tries to cheer the White Rose but it remains gloomy. She flies on and discovers another rose bush but this one only grows yellow roses. The Yellow Rose comes suddenly to life and excitedly tells the Nightingale how yellow is the most vibrant and brilliant colour, the colour of gold and the sun etc. The Nightingale explains it’s a red rose she needs, eventually the Yellow Rose points towards a water fountain and says she might try her luck there.