MICROmeags – Shadow Opera Group


Excerpt’s from Scene 1 of MICROmegas, premiered at the Tete a Tete Opera Festival, 2016. In this scene we meet Micromegas, a maverick scientist, defending his latest publications which have been deemed heretical by the state. After a sham of a trial Micromegas vows to leave the planet and travel the universe in search of truth.

Court Spectator, Cabin Boy and Monk 2 – Alex Bevan

Micromegas, Pere Jules – Jan Capinski

Court Spectator, Cabin Boy and Dwarf – Richard Downing

The Muffty, The Captain and Monk 3 – Robert Garland

Drunk Girl 2, The Poet and Monk 1 – Sophie Goldrick

Drunk Girl 1, The Cartographer and Barbra – Emily Griffiths

Composer/conductor: Tom Floyd

Librettist: David Spittle

Director: Anna Koukoullis

Designer: Cécile Trémolières

Lighting Designer: Jamie Platt