David Spittle – Creative Associate – Shadow Opera Group

David Spittle – Creative Associate

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David Spittle has worked with Tom since their adaptation of The Nightingale and the Rose. They have gone on to collaborate several times. They have worked together with Music Theatre Wales on a Young Writer’s project, adapting Kafka. After The Nightingale and the Rose, David was keen to work on an original production and so wrote the story and libretto for The Shadow of the Wave. This was a more intense, psychological drama which allowed David to explore his interests in surrealism. David has always been drawn to poetry and is currently preparing his first collection.

David studied for his BA and Ma in English Literature at Cardiff University and is currently researching a PhD at Newcastle University. His research interests lie in the poetry of John Ashbery, contemporary poetry and poetics, surrealism and surrealist film. On embarking up north, David had already begun another collaborative effort with Tom Floyd, adapting the Voltaire short story: Micromegas. In addition to the libretto and poetic leanings, David is equally excited by the visual artwork that can be generated in the production of an Opera. Shadow Arts, as an element of Shadow Opera, is a part of the company and, more widely the comprehensive artistic experience of modern opera, that David will seek to support and encourage.