The Nightingale takes flight – Shadow Opera Group

The Nightingale takes flight

Shadow Opera are currently working on a collaboration with Puppet Soup, creating a new, touring production of Tom Floyd’s and David Spittle’s The Nightingale and The Rose. The Oscar Wilde children’s story tells the tale of a student who has been promised a dance at the ball by a beautiful girl, on the condition that he brings her a red rose. As his garden has no roses he laments his bad fortune. A passing Nightingale hears his plights and vows to find him a rose. As she goes on her quest she meets a variety of characters and eventually has a plan to get the rose but at terrible personal cost. This new production will bring the talents of puppeteers and singers together in a creative, engaging and moving piece of theatre. The tour is due to take place summer 2018 with shows to be announced soon.


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